Packing up time!

Packing consuming the spare room

With departure scheduled tomorrow, packing has taken over the spare room as I try to cut down clothing in order to be under the weight limit (while leaving space for books!). One suitcase is full of books to leave in Nepal, netball and 1.5kg of marmite (the only item requested of me!), while another is full of clothing, shoes and a few crammed extras (aka. books!). Hand luggage is pending for tomorrow, as I need my laptop to write this. Hemi was supreme-roller, as my technique apparently leaves a lot to be desired and too much space. But now everything is (largely) packed and all that is left is to wonder how I am going to carry the suitcases at the Nepal end as I cannot enlist the farewell party (Mum and Hemi) to do the heavy lifting for me there. Not holding out much hope of a trolley…

Post written with Jabin Ali


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