Meet Luke

Luke is the secondary art and music teacher at KISC. In the past he has worked as a teacher in his native Australia and also in London for a few years. He visited Nepal with a university team in 2013 and taught at schools in villages near Kathmandu, as well as went trekking. Since that first visit, he has always wanted to return to live and work in Nepal.

His favourite food (as all Haddonites know is the most crucial question to ask someone) is Spaghetti Bolognaise. His favourite movies are The King’s Speech, or The Pianist – but Lord of the Rings is a close runner-up (a smart choice of movie to tell me about!). When it comes to picking favourite bible verses, he has quite the list: Psalm 2, 23, 25, 150. Romans  5, 8.

He is one of three (and he says his family is quite crazy), though it might as well be more when you include the several dogs found in the house. He loves football and his teams are Real Madrid and Liverpool.

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