KICC has moved

I realised in all the chaos of the school moving, I forgot to mention that KICC (Kathmandu International Christian Congregation), the church I’m part of, has also moved. It used to be held in the KISC school hall, but clearly can’t anymore (Techo is a bit too far).

Of course, God provided us with a great replacement; a Nepali Church’s building with enough small rooms for the children’s groups.

Nepal has 6-day weeks, with Saturday as their day off (thankfully, KISC has a five day week!) so Nepali Churches hold their services on Saturdays so we can use their building on Sunday.

Being a Nepali Church, there are only the few chairs that KICC owns – so at least half the congregation sit on the floor. My strategy is to arrive early enough that I get a wall spot so I have a ‘seat back’ – but it’s cool inside at the moment, so I have to remember a jumper to lean against. We also have to remove our shoes too, so you get to see who has the best socks.

It’s a little bit of a walk – not much, though – and is right near a farmers’ market thing held on Sunday mornings. Sunday morning now involves getting bread and/or cheese from there beforehand. I would assume the market has more business now that we’re all near it!

Oh, and the first time you go up the stairs (as the meeting hall/room is on the first floor), you realise just how steep they are. Funny how quickly you adjust.

Arriving early enough to get a wall spot!
Sermon on the carpet – good for posture, if you don’t slouch

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