March Madness!

Last week was March Madness, a week of crazy costumes at KISC.

Monday was pyjama day – though I had actually worn my PJ bottoms to school before in August when I ran out of trousers!

Tuesday was character day (like world book day, but movie and TV characters count). In primary, this meant a lot of Disney Princesses! I went as Scheherazade (1001 Arabian nights as I’ve read two interesting re-tellings recently), but none of the students knew who that was. Among the staff, those who recognised from the name were largely English Teachers!

Wednesday was Teach-Student swap in Secondary or Cultural Day in Primary. This was the one day I didn’t participate, but some were very good.

Thursday was Twin Day – and Karen and I took the easy route. We wore lab coats and put a pair of safety googles in our pockets.

Finally, on Friday, we had Crazy Hair day. I’d found felt dreadlocks in Thamel so tied those around my ponytail.

All in all a crazy, but fun, week.


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