Meet the Science Department!

I’ve been in Nepal almost 10 months now, and we’ve only just taken a department picture? So, two weeks before I leave, let me finally introduce you to my colleagues.

I love this picture; the seven of us all together, having a laugh. It’s one of the ones I know for sure I will print out and frame when I get home. I think it sums up who we are as a group, and will be a wonderful way to remember the year we’ve spent together.

the seven members of the KISC Science Department pose for a silly picture
The KISC Science Department (’17-’18)

Back Row: Santosh Shah (Chemistry); Sunil KC (Lab Technician); Barbaram Niraula (Physics).

Front Row: Phillipa Munday (Academic Lead); Yvonne Edwards (Year 7 – 9 Science); me; Karen Smith (Biology and Head of Department).

As you can see, we have a lot of fun together. I write this after we, minus Phillipa, went out for lunch, where we sat and chatted for two hours. Obviously, I’m the baby of the group – and they do like to tease me about that – but everyone is very supportive and we all pull together as a team.

We’re a great team – and have a particular strength for problem solving. That’s been super useful this year as getting everything functional after the move has taken 3 months. This doesn’t work? Well, how about we try x. If that doesn’t work, what about y?

They’ve been a truly wonderful team to be part of this year, and I’ll miss them all so much.

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