Goodbye Nepal

This evening, I leave Nepal and head home. Over this past week, I’ve slowly come to the realisation that I am ready to go. Staying here longer wouldn’t be the right thing for me.

I’ve loved being out here, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity.  It’s been a blessing, a whirlwind of experiences and something I’ll look back on with a smile, but I’m ready to go home. I’ve learnt as much as I can here – any more lessons or personal growth will be gained through reflections. I can do that from home. I have to do that from home because I’m at the stage where I need distance to finish processing this year.

I’m not closing the book, I’m turning the page and starting a new chapter and a new adventure. As with any good story (I’ve been reading a lot on story-craft this year), the chapters aren’t disconnected. It’s one journey. The only things that change are the setting, the time and me. The themes are the same, running from one chapter to the next –  discovering God’s plans, discovering who I’m meant to be, and also Science. I am going to study Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in September after all!

So, let’s turn the page with a smile and prayer of thanks for this chapter. I’m interested to see what the next one brings.

 A few prayer requests!

I would greatly appreciate prayers for this next chapters, that I’ll settle in well at York University and that the course will be manageable/I haven’t forgotten too much this year. Also please pray that I would find friends and a good church quickly.

I’m a planner (wonder where I get that from…) and I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing for the next three months. There are things I’d like to do, but guidance (and suggestions!) would be great.

Please pray for safe travels and that I make my connection (that my flight from Kathmandu isn’t delayed this time!). I have a tendency to worry if plans go awry, and I know I need to ask for peace frequently.

Thank you, and I look forwards to seeing the Londoners soon!


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