The future of this blog…

I’ve been asked if the blog continues by a few people, and my answer is ‘Yes’.

I initially set this blog up to document my time in Nepal. That’s now come to an end, but my blog’s become more than a record of what I’ve done. Particularly over this past month, I’ve found it a really useful way to process what I’m feeling and a place to reflect.

I certainly won’t be writing as frequently – I will have to study! I’ll only write if something happens that needs processing/reflection and I feel able to talk about. There are a few things I haven’t written about as it’s still too personal to discuss, and some I wrote about quite late.

I’m considering, if I have time, discussing topics on here. One topic I’m interested in at the moment is books and faith. How do we approach books as people of faith? How do we read them and what? How do we write stories and what about? As an aspiring writer and an avid reader, this is something close to my heart. We’ll see.

This blog isn’t about to disappear, but it’s going to slow its pace (I realise I’ve just written this and I’m about to publish two posts within an hour…!)

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