#BoostMyBio – My current writing project

Hi all. Nepal blog watchers, this is one of those rare (second!) book posts. It’s to do with the wonderful writing community I’m part of, so you can ignore this unless you’d like to know more about me as an aspiring author!

A little about me:

I’m a science-y, maths-y person with a love for books (obviously) and netball. I’m an adamant Brit, who’s been struggling with the three successive heatwaves (bring back the rain, please!). I’m awful about talking about myself, so let’s skip along.

A little about my #PitchWars 2018 project:

Let’s start with the stats/basic info (get the dull bit out the way!)

Age range: Adult/YA. 
Genre: Epic Fantasy with political themes
Word count: 90k currently

What’s the story about?

Adamus’ Kingdom starves, but to provide his people with food he must defy the conqueror who’s looking for any excuse to execute him. Negotiating a treaty with his neighbours would be the perfect excuse – or the ice magic slowly killing him. Worst of all, his ambitious sister, Zianna, is hell-bent on reclaiming their Kingdom. If he wants to stop a famine, he’ll have to risk an open war and decide what’s best for his people – and what he’s willing to sacrifice for them.

Comp titles? Please don’t make me do this! Fine. A Darker Shade of Magic, the world building, complicated international relationships, slow-burn romance. A Girl of Fire and Thorns, again the romance but also the politics there. Red Queen, yes my story is a ‘historical’ setting rather than futuristic, but the politics and magic mix as well as, in the later books, the multiple POVs.

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